Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Self-made jewel on holiday

I was in France for Christmas and I have a little shopping-time for me.

I bought a wool grey jacket.
I needed a brooch to close the jacket because this have no buttonhole but I didn't found what I wanted: too big, to feastful ... :-(

So I decided to make it myself!

There is a lovely shop in Bordeaux named "La droguerie" and you can made your own jewel and whatever you want to have, you can make it here !!! And the shop assistants are very friendly and helpful!

Here spoke Helen about " la droguerie" too in her blog:

I needed only one brooch but I made two :-)
because it was so easy to make these, only with glue :-)


 I made first this brooch :   

and than this over one


And here the both brooches on the wool jacket

But the best jewel is .......

This bracelet ! It's a present from my sister. She made it thanks "La droguerie" too!
And I love it!

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