Monday, June 27, 2011

The GDR Dress

This sewing- issue named PRAMO

is coming from the German Democratic Republic

from 1967!

I found in love with this dress and I must sew it!

Only too pieces :
one front and one back piece

but not so many instructions :-)

        and not very distinctives pattern!!! :-(



But it wasn't too difficult to put the 2 pieces together :-)

I bought a heavy satin cotton fabric in an old rose color for a long time.
Perfect for this dress from the sixties.

I cut a front and back facing with the same fabric.
Neckline and armhole fit very good.

I used an unvisible zipper.

I made only one modification:

I must sew 2 darts at the back because it was too wide!
Ok, I have a hollow back that's why I must reduce the volume of the babric at the back.

The sixties necklines are often starting very high.
It looks very pretty but it's not so much confortable :-(

We are no longer accustomed with these necklines.

I 'm not yet tanned ...
but I'm on holiday next week :-)

but I already love it!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Patrones 292!

I began last summer a long dress , I bought fabric for a trench coat and for a blouse.
All of these projects from Patrones 292

I moved for about 2 months and I could not find again this revue!
I searched all around but.. no issue 292 in the flat :-(
I have a subscription by Patrones and I found all the issues... but not this only one :-(

But I had luck, I found the issue on the web :

Thank you so much Sonia!
You saved my day... and my projects!!!
Now I have a lot of things to do! But I'm so happy about it :-)

 This blouse  for example


                                   with this fabric combination


         than this trench coat                           


                                and finally the long dress

here is the long dress in progress

only the front pieces :-)

Monday, June 13, 2011

A top for summer days ... or nights

After a while... I 'm sewing again!

I moved and I must find a place in the new flat to sew new projects.


  But now, I habe a new and nice sew corner :-)

I wanted to sew an easy top ... sleeveless for example! :-)

From Patrones 301 I found this lovely top.

We can't exactly see it but we can imagine it with the pattern figure.

I still can't read spanisch :-) so I must put the pieces together with my own experiences.

I cut a front and back facing with the same fabric, so that the top fits very good.
Ok, I recognise.. I hate bias so I mostly use these facing pieces.

But in this case.. it wasn't so clever...
because I choose a light cotton fabric in WHITE!
So that you can see where the facing is stoping.
On the back piece it doesn't matter but front... it's not so cute :-(

I used for the first time these art of button but - I hate bias :-) - I used fine white belts to the over size.

I didnt know where I had to put exactly the loop on the neckline...
Perhaps I should have sewn it just till the center of the front...
because I can't definitly make the loop like the pattern photo :-)

But I think it's ok so :-)

But I love this long loop and the stand up collar.

But the most I love is how the top is making great shoulder :-)