Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pattern modification project

I saw this dress on an european online shop and I fall in love with it!

An A-Line dress from Italian Designer Imperial with short raglan sleeves in a wool fabric.

The last piece on the online shop was a size 8 :-( too small for me!

I particulary love the sleeves!!!
Pleats from the sleeves at the neckline.

I could try to make it myself , or not?

I must find a pattern from a A-Line Dress with raglan dress and modify the sleeves pattern.

I maybe could use this pattern : Vogue 1150

I have begun to modify the sleeves but  they start lower as I thought.
At first I must modify it and then I can try to make modifications to have wider sleeves at the neckline!

Hmm... I'm curious about it!

Inspiration from Japan!

I discovered following book thanks the review from VeryPrairie by Pattern

Thanks a lot VeryPrairie!!!

So many inspirations from bizarre :- ) to Haute Couture pattern!

This book "Pattern Magic" vol. 1 from Tamoko Nakamichi is recently translated into english.
The book vol.2 shall be translated in February 2011.

I became the book for e few days, I haven't read the book yet , I only paged through it.

I think I brought some time to understand exactly how to do the pattern, but it doesn't matter.. when I decide which pattern I want to make it will be irrelevant!



Here are  a few pictures from my favorites patterns!

an adorable dress with oversized bow!
This dress made VeryPrairie, very cute!!                   

a draped dress... perhaps in a different fabric and color?

and this funny dress ... definitly  not for every day :-)
but very interesting!

and my favorite dress!!!
I don't know if I will sew it, but I love it!:-)

a dress with another hole

There are not only dress pattern, but sleeves ant top pattern too.

Hier a turned top for example.
I 'm looking forward to the Volume 2! :-)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A new dress ... for winter!

The weather is getting cold!
I needed a dress but a wool dress because I'm always cold! :-)

I bought this Vogue pattern last year: V8593
and I wanted to make the dress with a fabric who keeps a little warm.

I choose the dress version with 3/4 length sleeves.


I found last week a lightweight knit wool in a grey color, they didn't have a big choice an colors, but it's geat.

I cut the top in size 10 and at the waist and hips size 12, not to close fitting at the hips :-(

I usually make FBA but with the knit fabric I didn't need it.

This dress is very confortable!
I was making some dress pictures for the blogg but I couldn't take the dress off ... so confortable! :-)

The dress has back and elbows darts and an invisible zipper.

About the pleats... hmm... it's not the same pleats as the pattern :-(

I marked the pleats at the wrong side... so that the pleats are going to the wrong direction :-)

It realized it too late, but it doesn't matter, anyway it's ok!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Vintage dress from Simplicity

I found last winter this pattern:

A vintage pattern from Simplicity 9080 from the 70s.

The dress with front tucks and back zipper has stand-up collar, set-in sleeves and optional button trim.

Version 1 I made has self fabric tie ends and mini lenght.

I imagined the mini length dress in a light grey color fabric...

and I found a light cotton grey fabric... but it was a rest fabric, I could become only 1,30 m (1 3/8 yard) so I couldn't make the dress with it :-(  ...   the dress V.1 for example required 1 7/8 yard!

Whatever ... I made it!

I used all centimetres from the fabric! :-)

I must make some alterations:

- I reduced the height from the collar, the sleevebands and the tie ends by about 2,5cm (1 inch). They are normally twice as much!! But it was fashionable in the 70's!!!

-   I wanted a fall dress so I didn't want to sew the short sleeves, but I didn't have enough fabric for the long sleeves, so I used the piece from long sleeves and cute the sleeves in 3/4 length. I sewed  the sleeve bands about 30,5 cm (12 inches)

 -I made FBA (2,5 cm - 1 inch) too.

I love the front pleats and the strict stand-up collar, and the combination with the tie ends give the dress a casual touch!

I love it! :-)

I used an invisible zipper.

The darts at the shoulders give the dress a very good fit!!

The fall is coming... but I have already the dress for it!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another skirt for the last summer days .. :-)

I have almost straight skirts and I wanted to wear something different ... casual skirts for exemple and I found this pattern by Patrones  :

Issue 294 , skirt N°25

with pleats, loops at the waisband and zipper on the side.

The pleats are the same front and back.

I had a cotton fabric in a grey-brown color, perfect for a skirt in combination with colored tops!

I used biais tape to finish the waisband inside.
I 'm very happy with this finition. It looks like very "clean" :-)

The summer came again for a short time ... so I can wear it yet :-)