Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The first jersey top I finished!

I hate jersey ... I thought  ... :-)
Till I found this fabric!

with a lot of viscose!

It was the first time I had so much fun with jersey working.
I didn't know about different jersey fabrics and about her quality!
It was not too difficult for me to cut and sew this art of jersey, and I was very happy!
I usually buy one-color-fabric but I liked this design.

So I was looking for a pattern to use this fabric and I found thisone for a top.

It's the first time too, I'm using a New Look pattern!

I found the instructions very good!

I cut the top in 10, my usually size and it fits good.

I made the top a little bit shorter (one inch), because I'm petite, but sonst I didn't make any alteration.

I love the front details. A lovely design and not too much fabric on the bust.

I think, I coul'd make the dress for sommer!