Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Self-made jewel on holiday

I was in France for Christmas and I have a little shopping-time for me.

I bought a wool grey jacket.
I needed a brooch to close the jacket because this have no buttonhole but I didn't found what I wanted: too big, to feastful ... :-(

So I decided to make it myself!

There is a lovely shop in Bordeaux named "La droguerie" and you can made your own jewel and whatever you want to have, you can make it here !!! And the shop assistants are very friendly and helpful!

Here spoke Helen about " la droguerie" too in her blog:

I needed only one brooch but I made two :-)
because it was so easy to make these, only with glue :-)


 I made first this brooch :   

and than this over one


And here the both brooches on the wool jacket

But the best jewel is .......

This bracelet ! It's a present from my sister. She made it thanks "La droguerie" too!
And I love it!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A sunny coat!

I love coats ...
I didnt know , what a style I wanted to have or to sew...

and I found fortuitous this pattern :

from Burda
Number 7314

A-Line Coat with back pleat 
and tulip sleeves


ok, I must confess : I attracted attention to this coat pattern thanks to the hat!!!

I have an analog hat from my grandmother, and I love it ....
even if I never wear it :-(

And hier comes a sunny coat in the german winter!!! :-)))

I sewed it in the european sizes 36 ( like a US Size 8).
I have normally size 10 but I cut it in 8 for fear of having a too wide coat.
I'm not tall ... that's why! :-)

The fabric is a mix of wool (70%) and cashemere (30%) : so ... warm!!!

I found out this lining fabric and I'm very happy with this because all the plain-colored lining fabric I found gave a too strong combination with this yellow color!

I cut front and back pieces 4 inches shorter and the sleeves 1 inch shorter.
But I have short legs and short arms!!! :-)

I love the tulip sleeves!
They look big at the photo but it's lovely beim wearing it!

I used transparent snap fastener because I didn't want to be 
limited with other colors.

I can wear this coat with brown or grey color scarf for exemple.

The coat back has a big pleat at the middle :

but I closed it deeper because it was too wide

and hier a view with lining and the label! :-)

Now, I must be courageous and wear this sunny coat!
I think, it could make high spirits! :-)