Sunday, December 18, 2011

A sunny coat!

I love coats ...
I didnt know , what a style I wanted to have or to sew...

and I found fortuitous this pattern :

from Burda
Number 7314

A-Line Coat with back pleat 
and tulip sleeves


ok, I must confess : I attracted attention to this coat pattern thanks to the hat!!!

I have an analog hat from my grandmother, and I love it ....
even if I never wear it :-(

And hier comes a sunny coat in the german winter!!! :-)))

I sewed it in the european sizes 36 ( like a US Size 8).
I have normally size 10 but I cut it in 8 for fear of having a too wide coat.
I'm not tall ... that's why! :-)

The fabric is a mix of wool (70%) and cashemere (30%) : so ... warm!!!

I found out this lining fabric and I'm very happy with this because all the plain-colored lining fabric I found gave a too strong combination with this yellow color!

I cut front and back pieces 4 inches shorter and the sleeves 1 inch shorter.
But I have short legs and short arms!!! :-)

I love the tulip sleeves!
They look big at the photo but it's lovely beim wearing it!

I used transparent snap fastener because I didn't want to be 
limited with other colors.

I can wear this coat with brown or grey color scarf for exemple.

The coat back has a big pleat at the middle :

but I closed it deeper because it was too wide

and hier a view with lining and the label! :-)

Now, I must be courageous and wear this sunny coat!
I think, it could make high spirits! :-)


  1. wow that is fantastic, love the color, style everything. Hope you wear your sunny coat often and brighten up everyone's day!

  2. you made such a good work, go for the sunny coat, i love bright colors. Wonderful.

  3. Thanks a lot et merci pour les compliments! :-)

  4. Your coat is gorgeous! That lovely sunny yellow is sure to make you feel happy on a winters day :) I think you couldn't have picked a better lining fabric either :)

  5. What a fantastic coat. love the sleeves and th back pleat. You chose a great colour!!!

  6. This is really pretty and very nicely made. I love the back pleat. Great job!

  7. Love it. Such a beautiful coat. And the colour has put a smile on my face.