Sunday, December 5, 2010

The vintage coat project - Steps 1 and 2

Next steps for the coat!

The front and back pieces have darts.

I tought .. no problem!

But I didn't use a fabric for interfacing but a light fabric like vlieseline.

And I asked me, how I would put the fabric and the interfacing pieces together .....

because both pieces have darts.

I don't know since when fabric like vlieseline exists... 
But I think vlieseline wasn't used in the sixties!


Finally I decided to iron at first the facing pieces with the fabric pieces together and than to sew the darts.

Now I have to sew the darts!

See you soon for the next step!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Why not knitting?

I have a lovely hat , that I bought for 3 years on my holidays in Los Angeles in a second hand shop at the Melrose Avenue!

I love this hat!!!

It could be very suitable to the new dark brown coat...

If I only had a scarf in this color...

And I had an idea....  I saw this scarf pattern:

I could knitting this scarf in 2 colors : underground color in dark brown like the coat and the stripes in beige color like the hat!

This scarf pattern comes from this lovely knit book from Laura Irvin.
The pattern from this book are too difficult for me but however ... I love this book! :-)

And with this french knit book I perhaps could knit easily the scarf... ?

Because till now ... I only knitted one basic scarf:-)

Now I still must find the right wool balls!

Friday, December 3, 2010

The vintage coat project

I need a new coat!

No, it's wrong ... I would like have a brown coat :-)

We can find so many different coat pattern...
it's unbelievable! It's difficult to decide what sort of style!!!

but as I saw this pattern I knew it, I must sew it!!!

It's a vintage coat pattern from McCall from the sixties!

We can find a lot of double-breasted coat nowadays, so this coat is not so vintage! :-)

But the hat pattern is not including! :-(

Last year I became a wonderful present for my birthday from my friends : a voucher fabric!!!!
Yeah! :-)

So I choose a very nice wool fabric with cashmere in a dark brown color and I choose a nice rose lining.

As I opened the pattern envelope I discovered that the pattern have 23 pieces!!!

Every piece has her pattern piece!!!
I mean every piece like lining or interfacing pieces.. that's why they are 23 pieces altogether!

So, I'm on the beginning from this coat sewing:

I have already cut the 10 fabric pieces!

I will relate how I proceed with this coat !!! :-)