Friday, December 3, 2010

The vintage coat project

I need a new coat!

No, it's wrong ... I would like have a brown coat :-)

We can find so many different coat pattern...
it's unbelievable! It's difficult to decide what sort of style!!!

but as I saw this pattern I knew it, I must sew it!!!

It's a vintage coat pattern from McCall from the sixties!

We can find a lot of double-breasted coat nowadays, so this coat is not so vintage! :-)

But the hat pattern is not including! :-(

Last year I became a wonderful present for my birthday from my friends : a voucher fabric!!!!
Yeah! :-)

So I choose a very nice wool fabric with cashmere in a dark brown color and I choose a nice rose lining.

As I opened the pattern envelope I discovered that the pattern have 23 pieces!!!

Every piece has her pattern piece!!!
I mean every piece like lining or interfacing pieces.. that's why they are 23 pieces altogether!

So, I'm on the beginning from this coat sewing:

I have already cut the 10 fabric pieces!

I will relate how I proceed with this coat !!! :-)

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