Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Tartan skirt

I've found this old fabric by my mother again...
She wanted to sew then a skirt for me with it...
when I was 17 :-)

But this kind of fabric will be always trendy I think!

I had one yard of this tartan fabric, so I could sew a skirt with it.

And I wanted to sew a simple skirt and I used this pattern from Patrones issue N° 295

I love the colors combination from the fabric :

A grey underground with orange and yellow squares.

With this picture we can see it better

I only made the skirt :

- a lined short skirt with a pleat at the middle

- front und back darts

- no belt, only front and back facing belts.

I used a rest of orange lining, it looks like very good with the fabric!
I love this combination!!!

But ...

              Here is the skirt.

             I think the skirt don't look like the pattern picture!

             I thought it would be a skirt with a slight flare...

             hmm, but it's rather straight.. :-((

I'm wearing it with a short sweater and grey boots, it looks like younger... :-(

I only made one alternation : I made it 2 inches longer the the pattern ...  but it's not the reason why the skirt is straight:-(

It'a an easy skirt pattern but I don't like how the skirt fits :-(

I sew the lining with the fabric together...

Do you think, I would have to sew the pieces apart?
Perhaps it would change the fit from the skirt???

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The next skirts?

I have some fabric rests... hmm ... about 1 yrd.
It's not so much but enough for skirts!

I recovered this fabric by my mother, she wanted me to sew a skirt with it as I was 17! :-)
But I could sew this skirt one more time in in 20 years, it will be trendy again!

I love the colors : grey, orange and yellow: good combination!

And I have a rest orange lining! perfect!


I think I use this pattern for the tartan fabric: 

From Patrones issue N° 295  the skirt N°2

Here a picture from the pattern skirt:

a simple pattern : 2 pieces and belt facing
and lining pieces ( the same as the skirt)

I think: quick and easy to sew!

Another yard :

I bought a rest fabric :

A lightweight wool fabric with spandex in red
- a little bit dark red ...

I think I will use this skirt pattern by the Patrones issue 279

It's a lined short skirt (N° 14) from Designer Drykorn but I will made it longer...

Here are the instructions ( I don't speak spanish, but I will made it with my own way! :-)


And I already found the shoes for this skirt! :-)

And the last fabric yard

I bought last winter this rest fabric too:

a wool fabric with a cool 60' design :-)

But I don't know exactly how to sew with it...
I have a yard.
Enough for a sleeveless dress but perhaps the design is too "heavy" for a dress?

I found else a skirt pattern ( n°39) from Patrones too :


We can't see it at the picture but the skirt has two pleats at the waist belt... and I don't know how the fabric design will look like with two pleats.. even if they are small...


For this skirt and the red one I have rose-red lining!

Now... I must stop thinking about more eventualities...  :-)
I must start working! :-)    

The first will be the tartan skirt!
I will relate about it! :-)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Red hot !

As I saw the Vogue pattern 1194 and I fell immediately in love with this dress!

I had to sew it! :-)

We can find a lot of reviews for this dress!
I'm not the only one, who like and made it :-)

I have found a lightweight wool fabric with spandex in my favorite color : red!

Light but hot!

I cut a size smaller than normally because I didn't want to have too much fabric at the hips.

I omited the pockets (who needs extra fabric at the hips:-)

I didn't add in the elastic at the belt and  I didn't curve the band because it looked pregnant on me :-(  hmm ... not very flattering! 

I didn't make my usually FBA because there is enough fabric at the bust with the pleats.

I sewed up the V about 1" because it was a bit plunging


It is indeed a designer pattern ( from DKNY) but so easy and quick to make!

Fitted bodice and loose fitting gathered skirt make it very comfortable whilst looking quite elegant!


And you can wear this dress with flats, heels, or boots ...

 I'm wearing it for exemple with these ankle boots