Sunday, November 14, 2010

The next skirts?

I have some fabric rests... hmm ... about 1 yrd.
It's not so much but enough for skirts!

I recovered this fabric by my mother, she wanted me to sew a skirt with it as I was 17! :-)
But I could sew this skirt one more time in in 20 years, it will be trendy again!

I love the colors : grey, orange and yellow: good combination!

And I have a rest orange lining! perfect!


I think I use this pattern for the tartan fabric: 

From Patrones issue N° 295  the skirt N°2

Here a picture from the pattern skirt:

a simple pattern : 2 pieces and belt facing
and lining pieces ( the same as the skirt)

I think: quick and easy to sew!

Another yard :

I bought a rest fabric :

A lightweight wool fabric with spandex in red
- a little bit dark red ...

I think I will use this skirt pattern by the Patrones issue 279

It's a lined short skirt (N° 14) from Designer Drykorn but I will made it longer...

Here are the instructions ( I don't speak spanish, but I will made it with my own way! :-)


And I already found the shoes for this skirt! :-)

And the last fabric yard

I bought last winter this rest fabric too:

a wool fabric with a cool 60' design :-)

But I don't know exactly how to sew with it...
I have a yard.
Enough for a sleeveless dress but perhaps the design is too "heavy" for a dress?

I found else a skirt pattern ( n°39) from Patrones too :


We can't see it at the picture but the skirt has two pleats at the waist belt... and I don't know how the fabric design will look like with two pleats.. even if they are small...


For this skirt and the red one I have rose-red lining!

Now... I must stop thinking about more eventualities...  :-)
I must start working! :-)    

The first will be the tartan skirt!
I will relate about it! :-)

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