Saturday, March 9, 2013

English note! euh... scottish note! :-)

Yes, scottish note in germany!

I saw last year a tartan fabric with typical colors for tartan but "light" colors. I mean the combination of the colors is not too hard.
This give me the idee to sew a dress from this fabric.

Burda Style from September 2012 :

the dress pattern N° 107
An easy A-Line dress

with extra instructions:

I lined the dress because the fabric is light
but You don't have to do it.
I haven't any lined fabric enough that's why I only lined the front and back pieces.
The sleeves are not lined.
I sewed also the fabric sleeves and lined sleeves together.

the sleeves are particulary!
There is only a dart in the middle! I see this method for the first time and it's really , really easy to put the sleeve to the other parts of dress!!!
And the result is cute.

I spend lot of time to fold the right and left  fabric parts together!
It's really dificult with checked pattern ...

I least, I didnt have the same pattern rigt and left from the zip ... :-(

But I used a big red zip to give a sportly touch!

I cut the dress in size 10.
The pattern from Burda is very easy.
I can recommend it. The instructions were easy to follow.

I think, I make an another dress with the pattern, but with an easier fabric :-) and perhaps with schorter sleeves for spring!