Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A red short skirt

From Patrones 279 is a lovely short skirt pattern from Designer Drykorn :


a lined skirt with :

- separately belt
- pleat in the midle (frontpiece)
- and a zip at the side.

Here are the instructions ... in spanish :-(

I can't spanisch but it seemed not too difficult to put the pieces together...

I bought for a long time one meter red fabric ... perfect for this skirt!

It's a light wool fabric with 4% elasthan.

 I found in Cologne (in Germany) in a little but wonderful shop named "Plissée Becker" these unique buttons!!!

and here are the shoes who go fortuitous with the skirt! :-)

Skirt finished!

belt details:
Top-stitch on the belt pieces and on the loops

Skirt on me!

and here with the shoes :-)

At first I though I would make the skirt longer but I finally cut it like the pattern ... 
so... a little bit sexy :-)