Monday, May 28, 2012

Round and round...

I just wanted a light and airy bluse

And I saw the McCall Pattern 6510:

exactly what I wanted to sew!

I searched a long time for a funny and styled fabric but I didn't find  it.

I found this light cotton fabric: Funny too! 

I cute the top in size S and made the form B.


I was disappointed because it looks a little bit bizarre with the round design fabric and with the pleat at the middle... but I didn't have enough fabric to cute it again in the form A :-(

I made some alterations:

 - I used english stitches because the fabric is very light and a little bit transparent

 - I used  self made bias
 for the neckline and the seam :
I'm finally happy with my top. Perhaps it was a good idea withe for form B (with the pleat) because when I put the top on me I have not so many place for the breast :-)
That's why, finally it's ok! :-))