Monday, May 28, 2012

Round and round...

I just wanted a light and airy bluse

And I saw the McCall Pattern 6510:

exactly what I wanted to sew!

I searched a long time for a funny and styled fabric but I didn't find  it.

I found this light cotton fabric: Funny too! 

I cute the top in size S and made the form B.


I was disappointed because it looks a little bit bizarre with the round design fabric and with the pleat at the middle... but I didn't have enough fabric to cute it again in the form A :-(

I made some alterations:

 - I used english stitches because the fabric is very light and a little bit transparent

 - I used  self made bias
 for the neckline and the seam :
I'm finally happy with my top. Perhaps it was a good idea withe for form B (with the pleat) because when I put the top on me I have not so many place for the breast :-)
That's why, finally it's ok! :-))


  1. Cute top! I'm glad you were happy with it in the end.

  2. very pretty and perfect for summer. and that is interesting about the seam, because in my sewing books it is called a French seam :)

  3. Its so sad to hear.. Six years is very long time.hope you had nice experiences since you started blogging.
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  4. That is really impressive, I had heard of this before but never read up on it. I will have to go and see if there is anything I am interested in.

    1. You are a wonderful and well experienced blogger.
      And your blogging from past 6 years that is a great thing.. We have got so much to learn from you.

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