Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Tartan skirt

I've found this old fabric by my mother again...
She wanted to sew then a skirt for me with it...
when I was 17 :-)

But this kind of fabric will be always trendy I think!

I had one yard of this tartan fabric, so I could sew a skirt with it.

And I wanted to sew a simple skirt and I used this pattern from Patrones issue N° 295

I love the colors combination from the fabric :

A grey underground with orange and yellow squares.

With this picture we can see it better

I only made the skirt :

- a lined short skirt with a pleat at the middle

- front und back darts

- no belt, only front and back facing belts.

I used a rest of orange lining, it looks like very good with the fabric!
I love this combination!!!

But ...

              Here is the skirt.

             I think the skirt don't look like the pattern picture!

             I thought it would be a skirt with a slight flare...

             hmm, but it's rather straight.. :-((

I'm wearing it with a short sweater and grey boots, it looks like younger... :-(

I only made one alternation : I made it 2 inches longer the the pattern ...  but it's not the reason why the skirt is straight:-(

It'a an easy skirt pattern but I don't like how the skirt fits :-(

I sew the lining with the fabric together...

Do you think, I would have to sew the pieces apart?
Perhaps it would change the fit from the skirt???

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