Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pattern modification project

I saw this dress on an european online shop and I fall in love with it!

An A-Line dress from Italian Designer Imperial with short raglan sleeves in a wool fabric.

The last piece on the online shop was a size 8 :-( too small for me!

I particulary love the sleeves!!!
Pleats from the sleeves at the neckline.

I could try to make it myself , or not?

I must find a pattern from a A-Line Dress with raglan dress and modify the sleeves pattern.

I maybe could use this pattern : Vogue 1150

I have begun to modify the sleeves but  they start lower as I thought.
At first I must modify it and then I can try to make modifications to have wider sleeves at the neckline!

Hmm... I'm curious about it!

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