Saturday, October 30, 2010

Inspiration from Japan!

I discovered following book thanks the review from VeryPrairie by Pattern

Thanks a lot VeryPrairie!!!

So many inspirations from bizarre :- ) to Haute Couture pattern!

This book "Pattern Magic" vol. 1 from Tamoko Nakamichi is recently translated into english.
The book vol.2 shall be translated in February 2011.

I became the book for e few days, I haven't read the book yet , I only paged through it.

I think I brought some time to understand exactly how to do the pattern, but it doesn't matter.. when I decide which pattern I want to make it will be irrelevant!



Here are  a few pictures from my favorites patterns!

an adorable dress with oversized bow!
This dress made VeryPrairie, very cute!!                   

a draped dress... perhaps in a different fabric and color?

and this funny dress ... definitly  not for every day :-)
but very interesting!

and my favorite dress!!!
I don't know if I will sew it, but I love it!:-)

a dress with another hole

There are not only dress pattern, but sleeves ant top pattern too.

Hier a turned top for example.
I 'm looking forward to the Volume 2! :-)

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