Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Patrones 292!

I began last summer a long dress , I bought fabric for a trench coat and for a blouse.
All of these projects from Patrones 292

I moved for about 2 months and I could not find again this revue!
I searched all around but.. no issue 292 in the flat :-(
I have a subscription by Patrones and I found all the issues... but not this only one :-(

But I had luck, I found the issue on the web :

Thank you so much Sonia!
You saved my day... and my projects!!!
Now I have a lot of things to do! But I'm so happy about it :-)

 This blouse  for example


                                   with this fabric combination


         than this trench coat                           


                                and finally the long dress

here is the long dress in progress

only the front pieces :-)

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  1. Very nice! I'm glad I discovered your blog.