Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spring blouse

Spring is coming...

and here is a new blouse for the next kindly nights.


I used a pattern from Patrones 292,

the blouse N°30

I don't have a serger, but I sewed these blouse while I took a sewing course in Cologne in Germany in a fabric-shop called: "Feine Stoffe"


I learned lot of  tips for quickly sewing for example, but also how to sew such chiffon fabric!
I brought patience ... but only for the fabric because it was very interesting and very funny!!!

I can recommend these course if you are in Germany , closed to Cologne!:-)

I had already the fabric for the blouse and I looked for the fabric for sleeveband and for the neckband, and for the waistband..
I found in the shop "Feine Stoffe" a light transparent fabric and a satin fabric, wich I used for the waistband together:


 I cut the pattern in the european size 38 and I made no alteration.

I used and cut diagonal the transparent fabric for the neckband.


At the waistband I used the same fabric ( togehter with the satin fabric in the same colour) horizontal
 But for the sleevebands  I used the fabric vertical!

I was not only a sewing course, it was a styling and creativ course too!!!

Here is a view from the sleeve:

and here is a view from the side.

It was difficult for me to sew correctly this difficult fabric but I had help from Dirk, the sewing teatcher, and from his serger!!!
But I am so lucky about the resultat!!!


  1. Très jolie blouse, vivement le printemps, enfin!!!

  2. Very pretty, chiffon is difficult to sew and you have a great result.