Monday, January 30, 2012

Looking for a trenchcoat...

I had a lovely beige trenchcoat, but it was too wide at the shoulders for me, so I gave it a friend.

I thought, it will be not so difficult to find and sew my own one...
but I found so many differents trenchcoat pattern!

Here are all the pattern I found in my Patrones magazines:


  one is short, 
one is wide and has pleats at the waist

and all have wide collar 
and belt!

This is not a really trenchcoat
but I like the coat too :-)

And these both pattern are my favorites pattern!!!

One isn't double-breasted 
and the other has a belt but not at the waist...

I think, that's why I like these...
because they are different...
as all the trenchcoats I can find in shops :-)

Now I must opt for one of these...
or I sew both :-)

Do you have some preference between all of them?


  1. I like the last two very much, traditional style. good luck with this project.

  2. Hey, just found your blog. Lovely. I just added it to my bloglovin list.Are you from Germany? Best regards, Ulrike

  3. Thanks!
    Yes! I'm living in Germany (Cologne) and I have also added your lovely blog in my blog list! :-)