Sunday, August 15, 2010

For my little sister

Christmas 2008

We are always looking for cute and extrordinary presents for family for Chrismas.

And for my sister I have found it: a self maded cute cape with a clutch!
I didn't have to know exactly her dimensions ; bust and waist , I only know she's wearing clothes size 10.
It's enough! :-)

I found in the spanish magazine Patrones N°272 (my favorite issue) a very simple pattern for a nice cape from COS

            I can't read spanish but I could understand how I have to put the pieces together. They aren't many pieces!    

I didn't make a lot of views for this cape, but I have this one :

    I found a good wool fabric from an old collection frm Windsor: grey fischbone wool and in orange and grey plaid. Difficult to describe it :-(

The funky orange buttons make the cape younger.

  What a bummer , I didn't make any view from the lining: it's in a intense orange color!

And for the clutch I used the Vogue pattern N°5827

I could read in many reviews by Pattern Reviews that the instructions are very easy to follow... but I didn't understand all of them; particullary with the zipper...???


Anyway I made the clutch with my own ideas :-)

 I had to coincide the orange lines from the design but the result is ok!

I don't know if the zipper is at the wrong or good place ... however it's a cute clutch.

And we can see the orange lining :-)

My sister was very happy about the presents!

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