Sunday, August 22, 2010

A bizzare pattern for skirt

Wen I became the Patrones issue 285 I wanted at first to sew the top.

I found a white light cotton fabric for this but it 's too heavy for the front details  :-(

It doesn't matter, I like the skirt too!

I needed a brown skirt, so I decided to sew this skirt in brown : like the view with a satin cotton fabric with elasthan.


I find the details at the belt side with flaps so cute and the two pleats give the skirt a casual touch.

I finished the belt seam with bias tape for the first time.
I choose a satin bias in a light rose color.

It's not perfect sewed, but for the first time , it's OK! :-)
The skirt is fortunately easy to sew, because I can't read Spanish :-)
But I must made some alterations :
  • I graduate into a size 38 (US size 10) ; the issue propose the pattern in sizes 40, 44 and 48
  • I must take the belt in : one inch at both side, because it's was too wide!
  • and I made the finished detail with bias tape at the belt seam.

But the result looks so disappointing !!

On the side view the skirt looks like normal, but on the front view you can't see the both flaps at the belt. They are too small!
I checked the pattern over again. Perhaps I cut the flaps wrong?
No, the flaps are the same whatever the skirt size.
Hum... but I made the skirt in size 38... 
What size is the model skirt??? We can see on the issue view the both flaps!

I would have made the flaps longer, but I didn't seen this, only when I tried the skirt.
I will wear the skirt but it's not so cute than I thought it would be :-(

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