Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How sewing passion started...

It started 2008 with the unfortunately idea to try sewing with the old sewing machine from my mother. Perhaps could I have fun with it?

I didn't have long time fun with it, because the machine brake down one day after I used it for the first time :-)

I didn't know if I would sewing anything but I wanted to try it, so I bought a simple sewing machine : Brother Innovis 10 and started on March 2008 my experiments!

I started with simple skirts from Burda... with the pattern explications and the memories I had from the sewing projects from my mother.

but I put the pieces wrong together. Nobody know it ( eh... knew it :-)
and see it, but it's wrong :-)

But I made the skirt again with accessories!
Burda Skirt N°7812

and a small bag from the German website Initiative Handarbeit They have a lot pattern for bags and accessories and for knitting , and all the pattern are free!

Than I tried to sew any clothes in unusually color for me ... the result : I didn't wear there :-(

For example this skirt from Burda Magazine "Easy fashion" Summer 2008

I was loving in the fabric in the store , but wasn't sure if it would be nice on me... and it isn't nice on me.
Anyway I understood in perhaps two hours how to sew the only pleat... :-)

and this dress from Burda 7830 in jersey fabric, it's funny but not wearable!
Here is a view from dress back.

But sewing jersey was a good experiment... I will try to avoid sewing jersey again! :-(

But I had luck, I found out that a colleague is an experimented sewer, so she explained me the most difficult things : how to make collar and sleeves!

We do together this bolero jacket from Burda 7914.

And I learned from her how to fit a top (here from Burda too 7798) only with machine seams (no hand seam!)

I will try to explain it later with drawing.

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